Managed Services

Managed Services

Maintaining IT operations is one of the most crucial responsibilities in running a business. The 24-hour, multi-task job of insuring that your network is operating smoothly, your data’s integrity is verified, your security is active and effective, and more means that It also has the potential to be a major expense; and, should you find yourself unprepared for disaster, incredibly damaging to your business. Hiring full-time IT staff can be expensive, and is often unnecessary while there exists a wealth of expert Managed Services Providers who are ready and able to take care of all your IT needs.

A managed services provider is an offsite, specialized company that can easily be contracted to maintain all of your IT operations, 24/7. Managed services providers are specialized in their field and work as a collective to proactively care for your IT needs. They prevent problems from occurring in the first place and assume responsibility should something go wrong with their charges. Unlike the reactive services of your own staff, a managed service provider allows you to stay focused on other aspects of your business.

What Services Can Be Outsourced?

A managed services provider can be contracted to care for any single part of your IT operations, many parts of it, or its entirety. An all-encompassing service, meaning that a managed service provider is caring for every single aspect of your IT operations, is referred to as professional services. Professional services are highly recommended if your IT needs are rapidly surpassing the scope of a small IT department or your own capabilities. Having all your services maintained consistently by a large team is certainly the simplest way to get out from under the often overwhelming IT responsibilities a growing business needs.

If you’re catching your business’ IT needs before they’ve surpassed you, however, compartmentalizing IT operations in collaboration with a managed services provider is a simple task. In a landscape where keeping qualified and consistent administrators can be difficult, the consistency of managed services is ideal. The following are just a few aspects of a businesses’ IT operations that are commonly outsourced to managed services providers to ensure consistently uninterrupted business practices:

Database Management – Many businesses turn to more comprehensive databases, such as Microsoft SQL, to accommodate their needs. The difficultly in managing and maintaining such a database is often overbearing.

Server Management & Load Balancing – Managing a server infrastructure is a 24-hour job. Ensuring that your systems are constantly up and running, that the proper redundancies are in place to prevent single points of failure, and any other of the vast needs server management requires can, if not properly prepared, easily cripple your operations.

Network Management – Failure to constantly optimize and properly manage a network can easily result in interrupted communications.

Backup & Replication – Data recovery is often the most daunting of plans to have in place. If a Recovery Point Objective (How far back your data will be restored from) is not effective and a Recovery Time Objective (How long it will take before a restore is completed) is not acceptable you may not only cripple operations temporarily, but lose valuable business documents to a data loss.

All in all, there are plenty of reasons to outsource either parts of the responsibilities in managing your business’ IT operations or its entirety. Whether reducing the costs of hiring your own IT team, simplifying communications via a single point of contact, having a negotiated and flexible Service Level Agreement or any other of the many incentives there are; managed services may certainly be the solution you need to get back to focusing on the other needs of your growing business.


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Article by: Shawn Frey